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DAHON Mariner D8, NY TIMES BEST FOLDING BIKE Features And Benefits of Dahon Mariner D8 A frequent winner of folding bike shootouts in performance that include bikes that cost up to four times as much compared to other reputable brands in the market. The Mariner D8 is one of DAHON's most popular bicycles. It’s a high quality, lightweight bike at a surprisingly affordable price. Its portability makes the Mariner D8 ideal for trips that include a stretch by bus or train – perfect for multi-modal urban transport. The DAHON Mariner D8 features a full-size frame with wheelbase geometry similar to road and mountain bikes, making it an award-winning bike and the best option for long distance riding and touring. Take it on your next adventure. Frame Material: The DAHON Mariner D8 feature’s Dahon proprietary frame material called “Dalloy Sonus,” which is lightweight aluminium. Some experts of Dahon said is more long-lasting than the pressed steel or aluminium that manufacturers sometimes use

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